Learning Solutions

Bespoke Solutions to Your Learning Needs

At ILX, our mission is to revolutionize the learning experience, crafting solutions that cater not only to learners’ educational needs but also to their unique learning styles.

Whether it’s a large corporation embarking on a comprehensive digital learning journey or an individual seeking to amplify the impact of their online course content, we strive to deliver learning that is intuitive, engaging, and effective for every learner.

Designed for Your Success

In a rapidly evolving global landscape, one-size-fits-all solutions no longer suffice. At ILX, we recognize the role of personalized training in driving organizational success. This is why we take the time to understand your culture, values, objectives, and budget, allowing us to custom-tailor solutions that best address your learning needs.

Our custom training solutions are more than just knowledge conveyance systems. They are designed as comprehensive experiences that engage learners at all levels, increase their knowledge retention, and influence their behaviors to align with your organization’s desired outcomes.

With ILX as your learning partner, you can ensure that your training initiatives are not just ‘checking a box’, but truly contributing towards your organizational strategy and goals.

Custom Learning & Course Development

Experience tailor-made courses that promise engaging content and optimally suited learning paths. Whether you need a simple course or a fully immersive learning program, our team works with you from conception to completion.

AI Assisted Rapid Development

AI is obviously everywhere, but what advantages does it bring to course and content development?

AI streamlines the learning development process, allowing us to create personalized content at an accelerated pace. But speed doesn't mean compromising on quality. AI’s advanced analytics support us in making data-driven decisions to refine content, ensuring it resonates and engages effectively with diverse learners.

Furthermore, AI unlocks the true potential of adaptive learning. By gathering real-time insights on a learner's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, our systems can personalize and modify instruction, providing each learner with a uniquely tailored experience that maximizes learning outcomes.

At ILX, incorporating AI in our designs enables us to deliver dynamic, customized, and impactful learning solutions at a pace that keeps up with the evolving needs of our clients.

Custom eLearning

In the recent past, eLearning has been met with a degree of skepticism. Accusations of lackluster content, uninspiring delivery, and box-ticking exercises have indeed been a part of eLearning’s journey. However, when designed and executed correctly with a keen focus on the user experience and learning outcomes, eLearning bears significant potential.

At ILX, we firmly believe in the transformative power of tailored eLearning. Our custom eLearning solutions are meticulously designed with a primary focus on enhancing the learner experience. Far from churning out cookie-cutter courses, we craft each module to align with individual learning preferences, corporate culture, and explicit training objectives.

We strive to create absorbing and interactive eLearning experiences that actively engage learners, transforming what could have been a passive experience into an active exploration of knowledge. This not only makes the learning memorable and effective but also fosters an environment of sustained learning culture.

Immersive Learning
with Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality Training

No longer the new kid on the block, immersive Virtual and Augmented reality training creates deeply immersive experiences that change behaviors at the level of reaction rather than response. Tapping into the learner's subconcious is a way to create muscle memory, especially in critical situations, while at the same time being in a safe and consequence environment.

Learning & Development
Solutions Consulting

Right at the start of any training project is when critical decisions are made. The earlier potential issues are identified, the easier and cheeper they are too fix. It's like sending a rocket to the moon. 1 degree off target at takeoff means you'll miss your target. We will help you clearly assess and define your needs, engineer the best solutions and most importantly minimize errors, saving you time and money.

A solution that helps you achieve and exceed outcomes engages learners at the deepest levels, increases knowledge, and changes behaviors in alignment with your desired outcomes.

Blended Learning

Blended learning can be an ideal solution when your learner audience is diverse in age, skills or learning styles. By delivering content in a variety of ways, we maximize learner absorption and engagement.

Our cutting-edge blended learning solutions meet today's learners where they are at, bringing together a host of learning techniques to reach your goal.

Instructor Led &
Virtual Instruction

Humans have been learning by watching and imitating for hundreds of years. What could take the place of face-to-face access to an expert instructor?

Our ILT course development is designed to help instructors adjust to learners’ needs while developing collaborative learning. Using custom activities and rich media to engage learners and produce lasting change.

Webinar Based Training

Adding a webinar component to any online training is an effective way to deepen and enhance learner engagement.

Creating an opportunity for learners to meet their instructor and their fellow students creates a sense of community, especially when backed up by a social component to online learning. Creating community while giving students the opportunity to ask questions directly to the subject matter experts reveals gaps and sheds valuable light on additions and edits for future versions.

Mobile & Micro

When should training be available to learners? The short answer is, Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere. Perhaps it's not beneficial or appropriate for your students to do a deep dive into your subject matter on a lunch break or a commute. That doesn't mean that that time doesn't have value. Short scenarios, videos and quizzes can be used to affirm knowledge and deeper understanding. Creating a better and more capable student in the long term.

Strengthened by Process, Driven to Innovate


What's Our Clients
Say About Us.

We first met the ILX team at a tradeshow showcasing innovators in training development and technology. We needed to find a new development partner to help us solve a potentially hazardous problem on a factory floor. After thorough analysis, ILX suggested a deployment technology and content development style we simply would not have found on our own. That was 8 years ago, and they’re still our partner.

Mary Q.
California USA