ILX brings over 15 years of experience and technological innovation to online learning, serving everyone from large corporations to individual creators.


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With a digital footprint across 26 countries, we are reshaping the learning curve using technology and innovation since 2007. ILX offers personalized learning experiences, so far delivering 857 different courses in 14 languages to over 2.3M learners in 26+ countries worldwide.

Partnering with ILX was a game-changer for our professional development program. Their custom course development tailored the content to our exact needs, and their immersive VR training was nothing short of phenomenal. Our employee performance metrics have significantly improved since."

Creating Success. One Course at a Time...

Learning for Everyone. Scaled for Success.

ILX is committed to boosting learning outcomes through innovative online learning solutions for both corporations and individual creators.

Whether you're a large corporation trying to enrich your training environment or an individual creator aiming to stand out with enriched online course content, we've got you covered. See how ILX learning solutions enable and enhance learning outcomes.

Bespoke Solutions. Unrivaled Experiences.

With our bespoke VR trainings and immersive learning experiences, we aim to engage, inspire, and take your audience's learning to a new level.

Our cutting-edge VR training and other immersive learning experiences, tailored to your specific needs, will leave your audience not just educated, but engaged, inspired, and ready for action.

Lifelong Learning. Continuous Growth

Part of our mission is to forge a culture of lifelong learning that doesn't end with course completion but rather provides continuous growth opportunities.

Learning isn't static. Content evolves, sometimes rapidly, it doesn't stop with a course completion – it begins. We foster a culture of lifelong learning and keep learners engaged in learning communities, by continuously providing valuable content to ensure ongoing growth and development.

Adapting Education to the Digital Era:
Enhancing Absorption, Retention, and Impact

We live in an age where the Internet has monumentally impacted every facet of our lives, including the way we learn. At ILX, we recognize this dynamic shift and embrace it wholeheartedly in our educational approach.

With the advent of fast-paced online media consumption, learning formats must strive to be concise yet potent, catering to shorter attention spans and evolving learner expectations. While there are still situations that necessitate delivering an entire concept in a single session, we understand that a majority of training scenarios thrive under a blended learning approach.

Our methodology consists of creating 'knowledge clouds' around specific subjects. While we provide a guided linear path for structured learning, we also encourage learners to explore these clouds independently, utilizing our extensive array of learning assets and their own curiosity. This approach of self-directed learning fosters an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

Believing firmly in 'learning by doing', we understand that knowledge retention and behavioral change are reinforced through practice and interaction. Thus, our solutions are designed to allow learners to immediately use their newly gained knowledge, reinforcing the learning and maximizing potential for long-term retention.

At ILX, we're not only molding the present, we're also forging the future of learning, combining technology, creativity, and proven instructional theories – all to enhance the learning experience.


Unleashing Potential Through Innovative Learning Solutions

At ILX, we understand that effective learning is integral to your personal and professional growth. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing digital learning solutions that inspire, engage, and empower. With a focus on personalized virtual learning, a community of dedicated educators, and a commitment to innovative educational technologies, ILX is setting new benchmarks in the learning industry.

Transformative Custom Course Development

Experience tailor-made course development that truly understands your learning needs. Our structured approach to course creation ensures personalized and effective learning experiences.

Embrace the Future with VR Training

Step into a new world of learning with our immersive and interactive VR training modules. Offering engaging and experiential learning, VR training challenges traditional learning paradigms.

Maximize Potential with Our Consulting Services

Navigate the complexities of the learning landscape with the help of our seasoned experts. From strategic planning to content creation, we help streamline your growth journey.

Our Adaptable Approach

Versatility in Learning:
Tailored Instructional Design and Adult Learning Models

The  instructional design process at ILX is driven by a keen understanding of learners’ needs and project goals. We recognize the importance of established adult learning models like ADDIE and SAM in shaping effective educational experiences. However, we also understand that ‘one size fits all’ is a notion that rarely applies in education, particularly in the realm of adult learning.

Rather than reengineering a project to fit a preconceived model, we mold the model to accommodate the project. Our approach is flexible and dynamic, concerned predominantly with the alignment of learning objectives, content, methodology, and outcomes. This ensures that each project retains its unique identity while benefiting from substantiated learning models tailored for optimal effectiveness.

For example, consider an organization seeking a leadership training program for middle management. While conventional models might suggest an instructor-led course, we recognize that the impact of such a course might be limited due to time constraints and the hands-on nature of the managerial role. Taking this into account, we might recommend a blended learning approach, combining self-paced online learning with interactive webinars and task-based challenges – this tailored approach allows for flexibility and immediate applicability of knowledge.


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Working with ILX means not having to worry about the ‘how.’ I could focus on my content, knowing they’ll turn it into a comprehensive and engaging eLearning course. Their attention to details is commendable.

NC. California USA

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Learning technology is moving so fast that most clients with an already full plate can’t keep up. They want to stay ahead and innovate, but they’re just not sure where or how. That’s where we come in. Developing training and staying ahead of the curve is what we do and we love doing it. Let’s talk about your next project and create something amazing together.

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